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HTML for Beginners

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If you're a beginner and you want to learn HTML skills as quickly as possible, you've found the right course.

If you want to get started straight away, simply click on the free lessons below. If you find the free lessons useful you can then move on to the complete e-book or printed book.

Course Outline and Free Lessons

Lesson 1: Create a very simple web page FREE
Lesson 2: View your web page in your web browser and edit it FREE
Lesson 3: Work with paragraphs and line breaks FREE
Lesson 4: Format text with HTML tags FREE
Lesson 5: Understand HTML and XHTML FREE
Lesson 6: Work with lists FREE
Lesson 7: Work with hyperlinks FREE
Lesson 8: Display images and create image maps FREE
Lesson 9: Embed audio and video FREE
Lesson 10: Use meta and link tags
Lesson 11: Create tables
Lesson 12: Use iframes
Lesson 13: Understand CSS
Lesson 14: Use inline CSS with the <div> and <span> tags
Lesson 15: Use CSS in the <head> tag and create CSS classes
Lesson 16: Create CSS identifiers
Lesson 17: Use CSS to create rollover buttons
Lesson 18: Create a page layout with CSS
Lesson 19: Add menu items and columns using CSS floats
Lesson 20: Use absolute positioning
Lesson 21: Use relative positioning
Lesson 22: Use forms and scripts
Appendix A: HTML Tags Listing
Appendix B: CSS Properties Listing

About the course

HTML is one of the most ubiquitous computer languages in the world, and is used by every website on the internet. HTML has been around since the early days of the internet as we know it, but it has developed steadily over the years, with the most recent version being completed in 2014.

HTML was quite simple in its earliest versions, but more and more features have been added to it over the years, including the addition of CSS styles.

This book aims to provide you with a practical knowledge of HTML that will enable you to do useful work as quickly as possible. It won’t teach you how to use every single feature of HTML, but it will give you a solid foundation of useful skills that you can build upon. In the appendices at the end of the book you will find a complete list of all available HTML tags and CSS properties.

Like my other books, this book aims to give you practical skills as quickly as possible rather than aiming to be a comprehensive reference manual. It’s my hope that it will enable you to start doing useful work faster than any other course on the market.

How to use this course

This course works entirely with practical examples. To get the most out of the course you should follow each lesson's examples on your own computer.

To follow the course's examples, you will need a computer with a text editor program. This course is designed with a Windows computer in mind, but it should be possible to complete this course using any computer with the ability to save a text file. You can also use tools that are designed specifically for programming (such as Visual Studio) if you have them available and prefer to use them.

Downloading the Sample Files

Before getting started, you'll need to download the course's sample files. You can download the files by clicking the button above.

The sample files contain everything you will need to complete the course, as well as files for the beginning and end of each lesson, allowing you to complete the lessons out of sequence if you wish.

The sample files are provided as ZIP files which will need to be extracted after downloading them. To extract the contents of a ZIP file in Windows, simply right-click on the file and click Extract All from the shortcut menu. If you are using a Mac, the ZIP files will be automatically extracted after they are downloaded so you do not need to do this.